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Christmas Party 2023

The Last Stop – a concert at Richard’s on Richards

 April 27, 2007

BELWEDER and Raio IKS organized jointly the concert The Last Stop at the Richard’s On Richards restaurant. The event was hosted by Piotr Kaczkowski, and Krzysztof Jaryczewski, the lead singer of the music group Oddzial Zamkniety, was one of the performers.

80th Anniversary of the Polish Friendship Society 

Vancouver 2006

Polish Day - Scandinavian Community Centre

 Burnaby 2006

Valentine's Day Party- February 2006

Karen Magnussen Recreation Centre, North Vancouver

Canada Day - North Vancouver, 2005

Przedstawiciel Stowarzyszenia BELWEDER, pan Witold Teller, pracował w komisji 
wyborczej, która przeprowadziła wybory w Konsulacie RP w Vancouver, BC. , która przeprowadziła wybory w Konsulacie RP w Vancouver, BC. 

European Parliament election - Polish Consulate Vancouver 2004

  Christmas Party - Polish Friendship Society

 Vancouver 2003

January 25th, 2003. The BC branch of the Canadian Polish Congress (KPK), led by its President, Mrs. Danuta Tokarczuk, organized a Christmas wafer-sharing at the Polish Club Zgoda in Vancouver. The gathering included representatives of the local Polonia organizations, the Church and the Polish Consulate. BELWEDER was represented by its board members Urszula Sulińska, Witold Teller, Teresa Rakowska and Ryszard Anger.

Accession referendum to the European Union

 Polish Consulate, Vancouver 2003

The referendum was conducted at the Polish Consulate in Vancouver in June of 2003. One of the commission members was Mr. Witold Teller from BELWEDER.

Polish Days in Coquitlam - 25 maja 2003

BELWEDER was present at the festivities. Mmes. Urszula Sulińska, Izabella Teller, and Teresa Rakowska, as well as Mr. Witold Teller, were collecting donations for the Polish school on the North Shore.

Little café under the St. Casimir Church - 2003

In order to raise funds for the Polish school on the North Shore, we decided to open a “little café” in Vancouver’s Polish church after the Sunday Mass on May 18th, 2003. In a month-long preparation of this event participated Mrs. Teresa Rakowska (who had baked very tasty cakes), and Mrs. Helena Łopińska with her mother and daughter. They also served the customers with the help of Mmes. Urszula Sulińska, Gabriela Lenartowicz, Izabella Teller, Edyta Czapla, and Mr. Witold Teller. 

ANDRZEJKI (St. Andrew’s Day) - 2002

The Andrzejki party took place on November 30th, 2002, with the aim to raise money for the North Shore’s Polish Sunday school. In the intervals, our Miss Summer 2002, Ewa Jędrzejewska, performed the traditional ceromancy with the help of Mrs. Teresa Rakowska.

Costume Party - Oma & Opa's Restaurant North Vancouver, 2002   

The first event of BELWEDER took place in the now-defunct restaurant and pizzeria Oma’s & Opa’s/ALBO BALBO in North Vancouver.

Beauty Contest - Vancouver, 2002

The Miss Summer 2002 beauty pageant took place on October 5th, 2002, with the active participation of BELWEDER. It was attended by over 350 guests.

The title was won by Ms. Ewa Jędrzejewska, with Mss. Katarzyna Wilk and Joanna Kordus in the second and third place respectively.

In the competition also participated Mss. Monika Mroczek, Gracjana Bilicki, Monika Schubert, Kamila Kraszewska, Izabela Bzymek, Ewa Konik, Patrycia Podgorska, and Tracy Hanusiak.

The main price was $700; Ms. Jędrzejewska also received the audience award, a pair of diamond earrings.

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