West Vancouver Bridge Festival, the evolution of the 40-plus-year-old Community Day event, took place on May 31st and June 1 offering visitors an array of food, live music, performances, cultural displays, and much more.


In an effort to showcase and celebrate West Vancouver’s diverse mix of cultures, pavilions - including ones representing Poland, Mexico, the West Coast, Canada’s Indigenous peoples, the Philippines, the U.K., in addition to Korea, Iran, and China – offered visitors a unique way to experience these cultures through art, music and interactive performances.


Polish Pavilion presented a colourful and unique handmade pottery from the southwestern region of Poland Bolesławiec, where the tradition of pottery dates back to the 14th century with its beautiful design and quality. People could taste authentic Polish doughnuts, Pączki, known in Poland since the Middle Ages. Poland even has the Polish doughnut day.